LNG ISO tank container are designed for Rail, Road and Sea worthy transportation and carry significant amount of LNG to difficult terrains and islands as well as mine sites. Such LNG ISO gas containers are fully equipped with required valves, gauges, instrumentation, safety devices for safe use of equipment. Owing to its high thermal efficiency, these LNG ISO fuel containers contain LNG for extended periods to ensure no loss of product for several weeks. In many countries where permitted re-gasification system is mounted on the same flatbed trailer and gas is provided to the end user for shorter application like peak demands, peak shaving and temporary applications.

With the advent of warehouse, shopping malls, super markets, the transportation and logistics solutions play important role. Warehouse to warehouse transportation, food product manufacturers’ and point to point transportation are playing key role in reducing the overall cost of product. In addition to this, there are several fleet owners who are transporting commodities, imported goods, etc. for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. LNG Express enables private dispensing at such points in order to facilitate fleet owners and state transport companies to reduce their cost of fuel, wastage of time, handling of cash to the drivers.