LNG Delivered in Micro Bulk LNG Cylinders for Commercial

Bulk Filling - Auto Gravimatic Re-Filling Station

LNG Delivered To Our Small Colume Consumers Using Micro Bulk Liquid Cylinders

LNG Express has designed several different types of Micro-Bulk LNG Liquid Cylinders to meet the requirement of Small and Micro consumers like Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Canteens, Shopping Malls, etc. LNG micro bulk cylinders are available in sizes of 50 litres, 200 litres, 450 litres, 750 litres and 1000 litres. Most of these LNG Micro-Bulk Cylinders have inbuilt pressure building system as well as Re-gasification system to provide Re-gasified LNG to its users in most user friendly manner. Handling of LNG Micro-Bulk Cylinders is specialization at LNG Express where one or more cylinders are handled with specifically designed handling equipment and world class transportation solutions. No electric heating is required for LNG Re-gasification.

LPG has served very well in the last few decades mainly due to its fuel efficiency and portability of LPG cylinders. LPG is not only dangerous but also heavy fossil fuel. LNG Express provides several sizes of such liquid cylinders, which will replace LPG cylinders using "Fill to Empty" concept. There are major advantages of using LNG over LPG viz. higher fuel efficiency, easy to replace lower cost, negligible maintenance, full utilization, economy, and safe storage.