LCNG Station

LNG Express mother stations are versatile LNG based stations specifically developed for storage of LNG and processing of stored LNG in order to cater to number of applications, to replace different fules like petrol, diesel, LPG, Neptha, FO, LDO etc.

LCNG At LNG Express Mother Stations (LEMS)

AT LNG Express Mother Station LNG is processed using extremely efficient LNG booster pump to boost LNG pressure from 2-6 Bar(g) to 255 Bar(g).

LEMS has dispensing facility for auto rickshaws, cars and buses / heavy vehicles. LEMS also provides filling of LCNG cascades, which enables dispensing of P-CNG in remote locations using these LCNG cascades with or without booster pumps.

LNG Mother Station also has provision for refilling of micro bulk LNG cylinders using Automatic Gravimetric filling.

LEMS also has provision for LNG Dispensing for buses, trucks and trailers, which are installed with LNG fuel tank either for single fuel or dual fuel requirement. LNG is dispensed using "ON THE FLY" system equipped with fully automated LNG dispensing.

LNG Express Liquid based Daughter Stations are equipped with smaller capacity of storage tanks between 3000 Litres to 28000 Litres. Due to this, the overall area required for storage of LNG is sufficient to serve local customers in remote locations as well as densely populated locations within the city. Major advantages of LNG based Daughter Stations are lower power requirement, lower/negligible maintenance, no need to use oil and reducing large Queue at the Mother Stations. This concept also gels with smart city concept in India where utilities and facilities are required to be nearer to the public, to saves time and resource for refueling. LELDS are quite flexible in nature and extremely cost effective.