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Welcome to LNG Express India Pvt. Ltd.

LNG Express India Pvt. Ltd. provides LNG, RLNG, LCNG, Auto LNG, Micro-Bulk LNG and Marine LNG by integrating Cryogenic technologies coupled with Automated Cryogenic Liquid & Gas Handling Systems for complete safety and reliability. Our customers DON’T have to worry about complex cryogenic systems and reliability. Complete turnkey solutions deliver wonderful fuel of the century to the last mile customers Safely, Efficiently and Economically.

Natural Gas scores over other heavy fuels in terms of safety, ease of operation, fuel efficiency, cleanliness and long term savings thereby providing sustainable energy matrix . LNG Express brings the wonderful fuel of this century at your doorstep using expertise in handling cryogenic liquids and gases from combined 50 years of experince in the most demanding industrial environments.

how we work

Our engineers and Cryogenic Experts will evaluate your consumtion pattern and design efficient solution to reach your doorsteps.

Exemplary Services

With proven experience in handling most complex solutions, our team will assist you at all stage of LNG value chain, i.e. from Concept to commissioning.

Our Gas Quality

LNG Express provides bids with highest calorific value to replace most fuels and at times beats value with premium quality and service.

Team of Professionals

At LNG Express , the most important asset is the team of professionals who Define, Design and Deliver complete solutions.
"Keep it simple" is the mantra at LNG Express.