LNG Express India Pvt. Ltd.

Cryogas Industries is pleased to introduce a concept, which will optimize the way Natural Gas is delivered to Off -Pipeline Customers.

Natural Gas scores high over other fuels in safety, ease of operation, fuel efficiency, cleanliness and long term economics.

LNG Express India Pvt. Limited offers unique and tailor-made solution befitting the requirement of customer in following areas:

India is a land of wide variety and every consumer requires flexibility irrespective of consumption. There are hundreds and thousands of end user consumers in industrial estates in almost every city of India utilizing one or the other fuel based on available resources to mitigate its energy requirement. Not everyone is a large industry with 2000 to 3000 Sq. Meters of land to install a liquid LNG installation.

LNG Express India Pvt. Limited therefore, brings proven solutions at these consumers’ sites and enables the end user to survive and prosper in the most competitive industrial environment.

LNG Regasification Station at Mandideep, Bhopal, Baroda, INDIA.

To Visit LNG Express Regas Station at Mandideep, Bhopal, live Camera, password can be provided on request. (The end user customer receives LNG from LNG terminal at Dahej)

LNG Express Hub and spoke station at GIDC, Waghodia

Upcoming LNG Express LNG/CNG Transfill Station at Waghodia will offer tailor made solution to supply Natural Gas at their door step through virtual pipeline network through LNG route / CNG bank.


LNG Express India Pvt. Limited has applied and obtained PESO approval for the project. Soon LNG Express will announce new LNG Express Stations.

LNG Express –The Drive

LNG Express India Pvt. Limited intends to bring maximum benefits to its end user customers and potential market in following areas:

(a) Safety

LNG Express, backed by Cryogas Industries, handles, stores, transport re-gas, mixes and blends hundreds of different gases and delivers to its customers in different package solutions like cryo-liquid supplies, calibration gases, multi component mixtures, laser mixtures, hydrogen, helium based mixtures. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, He, H2, CO2 and all kinds of hydro carbons, explosive mixtures, toxic mixtures, flammable mixtures, laser mixtures, etc. Safety is the key to prosperity. LNG Express offers peace of mind to its end user customer by bringing along safe operating procedures and compliances at every stage of supply chain management and consumption quadrants.

(b) Delivery at your door-step

LNG Express brings proven solutions used in cryogenic industries and gases industries to fuel and energy market. From a very small consumption of a few Cubic Meters a day to a few Metric Tons a day different solutions are available. A few examples explain the same below:

   Micro users:
        - NG filled at 250 bar in cylinder pallets for daily requirement
   Mini users:
        -NG filled at 250 bar in cylinder banks and micro-bulk solutions
   Medium scale users:
        - NG filled at 250 bar in cylinder cascades
        - LNG mini-bulk storage tanks on portable frames for swapping with LNG Express Hub & Spoke station
   Quantum users:
        - For end users requirement of substantial quantity we provide LNG bulk installation on SALE / BOOM basis including delivery of LNG under PESO license.

(C) Our environment

Our Experts can also help you to design / Modify you banners for most effective use of Natural Gas.
Let's make our planet clean & Green.

(d) Energy

- Energy : of High Pure Natural gas derived from LNG.
- Cryo – Energy : We offer solutions to utilize energy stored in LNG @ -160OC, to cool some of your processes & systems.

(e) Fuel conversion

No matter which fuel you are using today like HSD, Diesel, Petrol, LPG, Furnace Oil, Propane our experts will be able to help you and guide you through the fuel conversion programme. Some of these fuels may not look attractive for change over in the beginning but in the long run they will save on account of safety, economics and efficiency.


All said and done, economics drive the solutions especially in the fuel and energy market. LNG Express India Pvt. Limited offers several combinations of packaged solutions in order to offer most competitive combo of CAPEX and OPEX to minimize the cost of fuel.